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Village of Châteauneuf-du-Pape

Once the holiday retreat of the Popes, this most famous of wine producing villages tumbles down the small hill from the ruins of the Papal château. Some 2000 inhabitants make the village a vibrant and interesting destination, however retaining its Gallic authenticity due to the lack of accommodation for travellers.  Fortunately this enables those lucky few a rare perspective into rural french life - something more and more difficult to find these days.

The village supports 2 bakeries, a butcher, a small supermarket, a local general store, a green grocery, a pharmacy,
a bank with ATM, a beautician, a newsagency, a post office, a dentist, 2 doctors, 2 bars/cafés, dress and decore shops plus 20 or so wine tasting cellars.  We are lucky to have 6 restaurants in the village itself and two award winning restaurants
on the main roads to the village.

It would be difficult to avoid a festival if you're travelling through the south of France during the European summer.
The courtyards of medieval hilltop towns echo with music.   The cream of performing talent gather in some magnificent settings
including Roman amphitheatres and medieval churches.   At the top of this impressive list sits France's oldest performing arts festival, held in Avignon
each July.   A short drive north through the grapevined Provençal countryside is Orange.   Chorégies d'Orange presents opera in the
best-preserved Roman amphitheatre in France.

Pont d'Avignon


Truly one of the architectural and cultural centres of France. The old city is still one of the few remaining with its castelated walls intact. View the Papal Palace and museum, the Papal Gardens with fabulous views over the Rhône River, dance on (or under) the Pont d'Avignon and visit the tomb of St. Benezet, the fabled shepherd boy who caused the construction of that "pont" which once linked Avignon and Villenueve les Avignon.

  St. Rèmy

Located some 30 - 40 minutes from Châteauneuf-du-Pape is a must to visit on a Wednesday morning when its weekly market is in full swing. Wander through the myriad of stalls and then take a break at one of the many restaurants or bars.
St. Rèmy is a true gem.
Just five minutes from the village centre is the hospice in which Vincent Van Gogh spent his lasts months, producing some of his most famous works.

Gordes at dusk
Abbaye de Senanque

A stunning village perched on a mountain ridge which rises steeply from the valley below. This is an other example of artists rebuilding a village which had fallen into disrepair. When visiting Gordes make the time to visit the Bories village constructed by ancient Ligurian shepherds, and don't miss the magnificent Abbaye de Senanque surrounded by stunning lavender fields tucked in the valley behind.


One of the delights of Provence. The hilltop village was one of the major producers of ochre pigment which is reflected in the buildings today and is seen in the surrounding cliffs. The village square is an ideal place to pause for a coffee or a fabulous salad.

L'Isle sur la Sorgue

One of the 'must see' villages with one of the best produce and antique markets in Provence. The village was once an important textile centre, evidenced by the numerous water wheels still slowly turning in the myriad of water races.   Sunday morning is the day of the main market.  Get there early and find an easy park.  Buy all your fruit and vegetables, funghi, meat and poultry from any one of the hundreds of stallholders.

markets markets

Olives, honey, cheeses, Marseilles soaps is all here.   Remember at 12.00 everyone starts to pack up and by 1.00 pm it is finished.   However the antique market is open all day.   

The village is the site of one of the biggest antique centres outside Paris.  The old railway sheds have been converted to endless antique shops stocking anything from bric-a-brac to hand carved marble baths.   Twice a year, the village hosts a major antique fair in parkland behind the old music conservatory.   Here you will find traders from all over France, offering their wares from under white marquees and open stalls.

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