Self-catering Accommodation

Due to water damage this accommodation will not be available this year.
La Porte Cochère

La Porte Cochère is available
on a weekly basis, and is fully equipped with sheets, towels, kitchen &
cooking utensils.

La Porte Cochère is suitable for 2 persons only.

Please note that both houses are unsuitable for small children owing to the
"low-to-floor" windows and open staircases.

La Porte Cochère

La Porte Cochère - literally 'the gate house'.  This 14th Century building,
reputed to be the oldest house in the village, sits at the entrance to
the old Papal estate and is quite unique
as it is one of only a handful of buildings that are
free standing.

The floor plan is interesting, the house having three levels, each being 12sq metres, 
and accessed by a spiral staircase.
Accommodation consists of a double bedroom, on the ground floor, kitchen
and bathroom, on the middle floor and the salon on the top level.
The salon has wonderful views overlooking the Rhône valley
and on towards Avignon.

Click here   to view floor plan and photos.

Over the years the house, La Porte Cochère, has been used for various purposes.  The least noble when it was used as a sheep pen,
and its most notable claim being during WW2, when an English pilot was hidden there after being shot down. 
History has it that he was safely returned to England.

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